why trade company alive

Many customers are actually more inclined to find factories to supply goods directly, so they can save a lot of expenses, factories can give customers at the lowest price, when problems occur, factories, as producers, have better ability to deal with problems and feedback than trading companies.

In theory, this form of trade that saves intermediate links should be more popular with buyers, and there is no need to cooperate with trading companies, often a dozen people forming a trading company can receive a large order?

What advantages does it have to attract customers to place orders? In the process of trade, price is indeed an important choice factor, but not all of it.

Many buyers only have a rough idea of the price control.

They pay more attention to the company’s development strategy and even the cost of time is higher than the price.

So, what factors attract buyers from trading companies?

This is a summary of the following aspects: 1. The variety of products is more abundant For a trading company, it will not only sell the products of one factory, but will choose many factories to form one or more kinds of products to sell, and even one product will choose many factories and various specifications to sell, so it will have many choices for buyers and customers, and will not be limited to one product in one factory.

For example, when a foreigner purchases, he needs all kinds of fabrics, such as cotton cloth, linen, silk, woolen cloth, chiffon, woven fabric, knitting, etc., but your factory can only provide cotton cloth, so he has to find other factories to purchase goods from far away.

The time and labor costs spent in the process are not low enough to offset the benefits of your lower prices than trading companies.

If you don’t deal with middlemen trading companies, foreign buyers have to send their own people to China, and they have to send enough people to deal with different places and different factories to meet their purchasing needs.

Even if they go to the exhibition to look for suitable products, they may not be able to find the right products. Such operation mode is far from finding a trading company with complete products to cooperate with.

2. Trading companies have fast delivery time and small quantity of orders. Trading companies are not agents of factories, but independent companies.

When trading companies receive goods from factories, they usually have their own warehouses to store them, and then slowly digest these stocks.

Generally speaking, customers looking for a factory will not buy the goods you have produced, but will require you to produce the products he requires, and the factory will not produce the goods until the customer orders them, rather than waiting for the customers to buy the ready-made goods.

For some small customers, the minimum order quantity of a certain product is not too high, but the category will be very miscellaneous, which often fails to meet the minimum order quantity requirements of the factory.

The cost accounting from production to transportation is not cost-effective.

Therefore, there are often customers with small order quantity who cannot talk about it properly.

Therefore, customers will choose to cooperate with trading companies.

After all, trading companies will certainly sell more than one product to customers, often two or three or even more than a dozen products together, with less quantity, but with more types, they can make money.

Another problem is the cost of time. Many trading companies cooperate to buy products from stock.

They need to buy products quickly instead of waiting for your factory to produce slowly.

Time is money .